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or those who are not interested in skate dive watches,skeleton dive watches many of them may look alike. But if you are collecting a diving watch, you are always looking for another diving watch. In doing so, you have a variety of options: you can choose vintage, stick to the classic products of the existing brand, or even consider some of the alternatives from start-ups, re-launch and skeleton dive watches. For those interested in the third option, we have compiled a list of diving watches from lesser-known brands (in alphabetical order) that we feel worthwhile to try, including various prices and specifications. Australian diver Todd Caldwell began to turn his view of the perfect diving watch into reality. The result is a diameter of 42 mm and a water-resistant depth of 701 m. Rotating (CD-2) or fixed baffle (CD-1) can be ordered. A nice feature: the watch is powered by a skeleton dive watches movement. Prices start at $1,600. A legendary dive watch brand has returned from 2011, using the same conditions as the legendary skate dive watches model of the 1970s (but not its depth gauge feature). Available in 43mm and 47mm models, both with up to 3,000 meters of water resistance, different functions and sports, and even some new old stock (NOS) models to choose from. Prices start at $990. These two Swiss brands from the skate dive watches (launched in 2011 and 2013) offer endless possibilities for personalization, and the skeleton dive watches model even allows owners to exchange cases after configuration. Starting at €500, the watchs maximum water-resistant depth is 6,000 meters. A rather unusual dive watch driven skeleton swiss watches by the skeleton dive watches calibre: Up to 5,000 meters of waterproof skate dive watches do not require a crown because it is operated through the back of the case. Prices start from €4,575. The new Swiss watch skeleton dive watches series begins. All dive watches are water resistant to 200 meters and are equipped with internal baffles that can be moved up and down the slider. The single putter timer, the skeleton dive watches and the three-handed model action come from the skeleton dive watches. Prices start at $500. The clock is flushed under running water to remove the sand from the wooden beam from the outer casing again. Of course, before and after twice, the crown was screwed on (photo hand position 10:08, then back to actual time) and tightened again. The watch cannot be quartz skeleton watches submerged and the crown is completely opened. The sealed crown is also kept underwater. In addition, the seal will continue to work. When screwed into the case, at least the water trapped in the crown will rotate, which is a rather worrying sign of the general structure of the watch. There is no water to enter the housing is not an effective choice, the watchmakers "comment" may be a bit optimistic. It also eliminates the clocks contact with water at another time. In order to rule out my serious negligence, this is simply bad luck. And such an appealing title "! The new diving watch skate dive watches off" for the performance of this position will always be so incompetent, they will be in terms of content: in the skeleton dive watches is still a hope in this field The watch brand, which can't withstand the problem of building an effective seal by building a leaky clock in 2019. Therefore, this failure will not affect the results of the review but this lacks statistical power. It may be up to 20 years of professional use of thousands of clocks - statistically - at some point, a compromised copy must come to my hand. And YouTuber Josh James (interesting on the same beach) has the same experience as the same model, far from a fundamental problem. Of course, from the consumers point of view, the whole thing is very annoying. After a short honeymoon of a week, there is no plan. At the same time, however, it must be clear that the offer and the $600 price must be reduced somewhere.