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People have a natural curiosity about all expensive skeleton watches kinds of machinery. For example: Why can the clock run repeatedly, and the wonderful sound of ticking? Even if you have already sneaked into the movement, you may not be able to answer your own questions. There is a watch that tells you everything with its transparent body, without any cover. Allow the movement to use the special tool, the wire saw, to remove the excess as much as possible while ensuring proper operation. The clock instantly presents another face, like the skeleton of a living being. So there are still players who call the skeleton watch "Bone Bones". After the hollowing out, the inner world of the watch is displayed in front of the viewer. Whether the process of hollowing out or engraving can not destroy any original parameters of the movement, otherwise it will not work properly. In the hot summer sun, sometimes I wonder: the sun is like a fire, is the oil in the hollow movement not afraid of being dried by the sun? Secondly, is the wearer not afraid of the pattern of the movement of the movement on his wrist? These two concerns seem to be superfluous so far. The skeleton watch has continued for more than a hundred years and has become an important means for top brands to show off their technical strength. In the process of using the hollow watch, skeleton luxury watches it should be noted that such a slender and beautiful watch should be worn with less severe vibration. Because the beauty of the hollow is obtained under the condition of maximizing the stability of the movement. If you really want to exercise, especially skeleton swiss watches golf, you should wear a professional sports watch. Instead of wearing your expensive and rare openwork watch. Second, reduce sunshine. When the movement loses the shield of the dial, all oil-applied parts are directly exposed, and avoiding sunlight can prolong the stability of the lubricating oil. The main feature of the watch is the center Expensive skeleton watches. Expendable skeleton watches: ruby ??on the tourbillon frame, and The skeleton of the skeleton of the skeleton. The movement splint is also connected to the dial that forms the frame. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and is lightweight and comfortable with a titanium case. The classic octagonal bezel has sharp edges and corners. The dial has a hollow interior. The internal structure is clear and mechanical. The 8 o'clock position is a small seconds disc. The 9 o'clock position is a power reserve display. The dials are arranged in an orderly manner. The blue scales and hands are contrasting on the gray surface of the smoke, making the watch layer richer and more beautiful.